Sweet Cabin Life


Stan & I have always loved log cabins. We love the look of log walls and chunky wooden beams. We love the warmth of a wood fire blazing in a stone fireplace. We love the
Northwoods decor and rustic accessories. And we love the calm, peaceful feeling that envelopes us every time we walk into a log cabin. For most of our married life we talked and dreamed of moving to a log cabin. We had searched and searched for the right cabin, the right setting, the right location, and yet every time we had toured a property it never quite met the vision of our dreams. And then, at last, two years ago we found this property and fell in love with it on sight. The cabin, the valley, the creek, the woods and endless views stole our hearts and we knew this is where we wanted to be.

We immediately dove head first into a full renovation.  We doubled the log cabin in size, added 1200 square feet of porches and decking, built a garage and did numerous
other improvements. After months and months of hard work it was finally transformed into the log cabin we had always dreamed of.  We surprised everyone…even ourselves… sold the house we had called home for many, many years and never looked back. And we have never been happier.  Almost immediately, a calm transformation came over us.  We didn’t want to be anywhere but here at the cabin. We turned the tv off and instead walked the land or sat on the deck in big log rockers and watched the creek roll by.

We started feeding the deer and sitting nightly on the front swing as they came to eat under the trees not fifteen feet from us. We found our way back to simplier days and simpler
ways and began to preserve our own food and research the old ways of doing tasks on our property.  It suddenly became important to us to become more self sufficient and self sustainable. We began to heat solely with wood instead of expensive electric. We began to make a real commitment to spend less and save more. Our lives have been forever changed and enriched and blessed by this land and this log cabin and we will forever be grateful that we can call it home.

We would love to share our Sweet Cabin Life with you. We hope you stop back often as we share our renovations, our decorating tips and tricks, our family recipes for cooking
and canning, our incredible views and the wildlife that shares this land with us and so much more.

Thank you so much for stopping by. We hope to see you
again soon!