Sweet Cabin Life


From my favorite chair in the great room, I can prop my feet up, cuddle down into a fuzzy blanket and look out the window at the incredible view of our winding driveway as it snakes between the woods. I can watch as the deer cross back and forth and eventually come down for a deer-corn dinner each evening. I can see squirrels scurrying back and forth as they gather hickory nuts and run into the woods to hide them for even colder days ahead. And I can watch as hoards of birds of all sizes and colors come to the bird feeder hanging on the porch.

It is hard on critters in the winter. Days are short and cold. Food is scarce. Predators become more embolden and frantic to secure food. Stan says I feed every critter on the crick! And I guess that is true. I sprinkle deer corn. I fill bird feeders. I throw stale bread in the yard and I set out milk and food for the kitty I hear crying sometimes at night but never see.

I love animals. I love watching them interact and thrive and grow. It gives me great pleasure to feed them, to help them survive the harsh Ohio winters. And it fills my days with quiet joy to see my bird feeder over-crowded on a snowy December day.

Life is good at the cabin.



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