Sweet Cabin Life


Every year Lebanon, Ohio hosts the All Horse Drawn Carriage Parade. They hold two parades, one in the afternoon at 1:00 and an evening parade at 7:00. This year there were over 100 wagons and carriages that made up the parade. Cute little miniature horses pulled 2 wheeled carts and massive Persian pulled wagons full of waving people. But the most beautiful horses were the Clydesdale teams that marched in unison, bouncing up and down with each step, setting large Christmas bells around their necks ringing out into the crisp December night.

The downtown area of Lebanon was closed to motor traffic and crafters and food booths lined the streets. A large stage was set up at the end of Mulberry Street and local talents entertained the crowd that grew larger as parade-time neared.

If you are looking to experience some real “Old Fashioned Christmas” then I highly recommend attending the All Horse Drawn Carriage Parade next year.




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