Log Cabin Lighting can be very limited and tricky. The ceilings are high and open and everything, even the walls, is made of wood. It is hard to find ways to hang lights and run and hide wiring.  You have to be willing to get creative in order to get what you want and make it look good.

So, when I decided I wanted a pendant light about over dining table, to say that Stan had his work cut out for him, was probably the understatement of the century.  I didn’t want a light mounted on the ceiling and hanging down twenty plus feet from a chain, that would have looked ridiculous. I had a different vision in mind. I wanted him to take a big, gnarly cedar log and whittle down one end so it would fit into a square bracket. Then I wanted to have that bracket mounted onto the side of the beam by our staircase, suspending the log out above our table. I wanted to have a black cast iron turn-buckle attached to the top to help give it added decoration and support because this log was probably going to weigh twenty pounds or more. It also needed to have a small groove chiseled along the bottom of the log to hide the wiring and I wanted the light to hang down from the middle of the bottom of this log. How awesome!

When I outlined my plan to Stan, he looked at me as if I had seriously lost my mind. But eventually, as in most things if I remain persistent in the matter, I got my way. It was a lot of planning and physical labor, but after he got the log hung and the electrician came and did the hard-wiring of the light and flipped that switch, well, it was pure perfection. I love a good project.


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