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Planter with Asparagus Fern added.

Planter before I added the Asparagus Fern.

As you can see by the before and after photos above, adding Asparagus Fern to your planters really takes it to the next level giving it a much more professional look. Asparagus Fern is very hardy, grows quickly and can be easily separated. When I first buy a small plant to us in my planters, I remove it from the container I purchased it in and remove the bottom half of the dirt. Asparagus Fern has several bulbs attached to the roots. I use a pair of scissors and cut up through the dirt, splitting the bulbs and stop just before my scissors break through the top of the dirt next to the green fern. Then I take my fingers and gently pull apart the two sides. Each side can then be planted as individual plants. (See picture below.) As the fern grows you can also cut down through the roots and remove sections to re-plant in other areas. It is an annual so it will only last one season and you have to replant and separate new plants next year. 

I use Asparagus Fern in all of my planters and hanging baskets and always love the results.


The airy Asparagus Fern will fill in any empty spots and give your planter a more professional look. 

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