Sweet Cabin Life


Master buck poses for picture.

Stan and I were heading to town and as we pulled up the driveway I spotted a large buck running across our back lot down by the creek.

We knew the buck would have to cross the road if he kept going in the direction he was headed. Stan sped up and we were almost to the bridge when he crossed in front of us and ran down the embankment and into the creek.

Neither of us could believe that once out in the middle of the shallow creek he just stopped. He raised his head high in the air and held the pose for several seconds, long enough for me to take these photos with my cell phone.

Then he surprised us even more as he slowly turned his head and stared right at us for a brief second before he darted off, through the creek and across the field to the woods beyond.

We knew it had been a once in a lifetime sighting and we were both frantic as we searched my cell phone to make sure I had gotten the photos.

The early morning sun  had burst through the clouds at just the right moment, highlighting the master buck and sending the water dancing and shimmering within the creek bed. I had gotten the pictures and they were perfect.

How blessed we both felt to have not only witnessed such beauty but to have been able to capture it on film to share with others. 

Best trip to Wal-Mart EVER!

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