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Family Favorite - Hashbrown Casserole

My granddaughter loves this hash brown casserole so much that last Christmas she renamed it “Maw-Maw’s Top Notch Taters”. We all laughed when she said it but the new name stuck.

As I share my recipe with you now I do want to stress one thing. As I have said many times, it isn’t always just the ingredients, but also how the recipe is prepared that makes a dish really special.

If you want your hash brown casserole to turn out “Top Notch” and become a favorite with your family then follow my easy directions exactly as I have them listed below.  By taking a few extra minutes to sweat the onions, melt the sauce ingredients together and give them time to marry flavors before adding them to your shredded hash browns will make all the difference in how well your finished dish turns out.

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