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I am so excited with my new potting table with hutch Stan built for me.  I love how he made a hole in the top to scrape off dirt when planting and scraps when harvesting. They fall down into a five gallon bucket that makes it so easy to clean up.

My sister Kim and I went to a weekend, “Harvesting Herbs”, class a few summers ago up near Lake Erie at Laurel Run Cooking School. Marcia DePalma led the class and we learned so much about growing, harvesting and preserving fresh herbs. She also explained the different medicinal qualities of each herb. She made several really unique dishes and drinks using the herbs which we all got to watch her make and then sample.

It was a great weekend and I truly wish she had not retired and closed her school. It was well worth the three hour drive to go and learn new cooking tips and socialize with everyone. If you have never attended a cooking class you should really try one. They are super fun!

My favorite thing she taught us was how to make Herb Butter and Honey Herb Butter and how to prepare it to freeze to enjoy all year long. I make it every summer and love to share it with family and friends. I plan to make it again this summer and post directions and pictures here so please check back later in the summer and keep your eyes open for that post.

In addition to using my new potting table to plant and chop herbs, I also plan to use it when potting my flowers (and I have ALOT of flowers!) and in the fall I plan to use it to snap beans, cut corn off the cob and peal and core apples and tomatoes. How great will it be to scrape everything into the bucket and hose the table off when finished. Think about all the work I will save myself by not getting my kitchen dirty and sticky! 

I’m super excited to get started planting, growing and enjoying all those great foods of summer. I look so forward to having family and friends over to grill out, sit on the deck with a cool drink and watch the creek roll on by.

Like I wrote in a recent post…winter was a long time going. Spring is finally here. Summer is on the way. 

I am so ready. I bet you are too!


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