Sweet Cabin Life


There is nothing more exciting than waking up to newly fallen snow. The world is calm and clean and silent. Every sound is personified. The flap of the red bird wings. The whistle of the wind through frozen tree branches. The sound of boots as they crunch through drifted mounds. 

Newly fallen snow invokes strong feelings, long buried within us.  Sitting by the fire with a good book. Snuggling on the sofa with feet curled up beneath us as we drink hot cider or hot chocolate. Napping beneath our favorite wool throw as the wind howls outside the window.

Newly fallen snow brings childhood memories flooding back. Sledding. Snowmen. Snow forts. Wet mittens. Cold toes. Loosing, and winning, at snow ball fights. Scooping snow for snow ice cream.  No school. No schedules. 

Newly fallen snow forces a slower pace. We walk slower. We drive slower. We pardon our fast schedules and allow ourselves the luxury of being idle. We take the time to look out the window and notice, really notice, the land and beauty surrounding us. We gather thoughts and ideas and make plans to make plans. We relax and remember to be thankful and happy and peaceful. 

And like we did as children, we remember to feel blessed by the newly fallen snow.


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