Sweet Cabin Life



I never hear those words that I don’t think of a friend I lost to cancer many years ago. Springtime was her favorite time of year. Having grown up a farm girl and being a huge animal lover she looked forward to all the baby critters born on the farm in the springtime. She loved to brag about new kitties, or ponies or fuzzy baby lambs. I was so jealous!

We were in 4-H together and we loved to go to the Pickaway County fair and walk through the barns and pet the baby animals on display. She was a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about all things animal – raising them, husbandry, care and feeding and protection in both hot and cold extremes. As a city girl I thought she was incredible and I drank up everything she taught me.

Every year we have a pair of Canadian Geese who call our creek bank home in the spring time. They raise their babies on our land that flattens out and then leads down to Sunfish Creek. They land mid-March and I know when they return that they are bringing spring time with them. 

I love to sit on the deck and drink my morning coffee, wrapped in my old wool robe and fuzzy slippers, and watch as they half fly, half-run around chasing little balls of fluff. I think of my friend. Gone so long now. She would have loved watching the baby geese so much.

 I would have loved watching them with her.

Ahhh, spring time!


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