Sweet Cabin Life


On the far left side of our property the land rises quickly and forms a ridge at the top. I like to walk along the creek below then climb the ridge and follow the tree line back to the cabin. The view from the ridge is incredible in any season and I never tire of looking at it. 

Most days I put Freddie on his leash and take him with me, while old Shonie Girl stays on the porch, content to just watch. I never let Freddie out without a leash. That boy would chase a rabbit to Cleveland if he thought he would end up with a new friend. 

I have this old pair of Ariat boots that I always wear when we walk. They have good traction, just the right amount of wrinkles in the leather, a good deal of mud on the tires and they are comfortable as all get out. Stan got me those boots when Dustin was a senior and Bobby was a sophomore in high school. He finally got tired of me complaining about my feet being cold at Friday night football games and insisted we go to Tractor Supply and get me “some proper boots“.

I have had them for 21 years now and they hold a very dear place in my heart for the miles and memories they have walked me through.  They have kept me warm, caught me when I have stumbled, eased my path and been a constant companion down both good trails and bad.

Yes, they are just an old pair of boots. Most people would look at them and say they are worn out. Past their prime. Should be put out to pasture. But I know I’m not about to part with them anytime soon…because just like old friends…you can’t buy new old boots. 

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit today.

Happy Trails.


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